6 Sustainable Fashion Choices for the Environmentally Conscious!

In 2020 alone, 18.6 million tonnes of clothing ended up in landfills. If we keep having the same attitude towards fashion, we might lose the environmental balance that keeps everything in place.   

So, it is essential that you make sustainable fashion choices and don’t buy clothes that you stop wearing after the first year. To help you with that, we have brought you six sustainable choices you can make as an enlightened consumer.   

1. On-demand or custom-made 

Made-to-order clothing looks better, feels better, and is more environmentally friendly. They offer you absolute aesthetic freedom, and their expensive nature comes with high quality. If repaired and redesigned with regular upkeep, tailor-made suits and dresses can be passed down generations.   

When you invest in made-to-measure apparel in timeless design, you know you have made sustainable fashion choices.  

2. Green and Clean brands

From high-quality vegan leather to recycled sneakers, numerous brands try their best to reduce plastic waste and do their bit for the world.   

If you care about the environment similarly, then investing in a pair of recycled sneakers could be one of the most sustainable fashion choices you can make.    

3. High Quality and Timeless design

The idea that clothes should change with every season is a product of 21st-century consumerism. If you want to break free from the pressures of always trying to own the latest trends, then develop a taste for high quality and timeless designs.   

Whether it is dress shirts and trousers or monochrome tees and jeans, these classics are always in style. So, you can opt for environmentally conscious brands to ensure that you are 100% clean in your sustainable fashion choices.  

4. Fair and Ethical fashion choices

Like handloom sarees or artisan crafts? Then buy directly from makers or NGOs that support the makers of these handicrafts. This way, you support a class of artists that have always been kept away from prosperity.   

Also, when you buy from any brand, make sure you trust their process of manufacturing ethical clothing. In 2020, the press and people on social media called out several top fashion brands because they refused to pay workers in manufacturing countries.   

You would not want to buy from someone like that.   

5. Vintage clothing

Recent vintage design trends give you the freedom to try vintage clothing from friends and family. Vintage fashion not only costs less but also reuses apparel, giving it new life. This way, you are making sustainable fashion choices while not compromising on your sense of style.  

6. Thrift and swap 

Most millennials and Gen Z people do not wear their clothes after a few outings. They believe in staying with the trend, even though their clothes are essentially new. So, instead, you can swap clothes with your friends or rent them.   

That way you don’t have to end up buying new clothes every season.   

These are the six sustainable fashion choices you can make to ensure that you are not harming our environment just for Instagram likes and shares.

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