4 Sustainable Lifestyle Choices You Should Make

4 Sustainable Lifestyle Choices You Should Make

Everything we do in daily life affects the environment, other species and the climate. While their effects are not visible immediately, they have irreversible consequences in the long run.

Thus, it is high time we should make more sustainable lifestyle choices that are eco-friendly and protect our environment. For instance, you can start with walking a short distance instead of driving, reducing power consumption, choosing vegan and cruelty-free products and likes.

If you are also trying to switch to a sustainable lifestyle, the following are some simple tips that you can begin with!

1. Go Plastic-free

Plastic is perhaps one of the biggest threats to the environment right now. Since most plastics are non-biodegradable, you can never get rid of them. Resultantly, tonnes of it are found almost everywhere, including oceans, killing thousands of seabirds, seals, sea turtles and other marine creatures.

Either they ingest the floating plastic or get tangled in it. However, you can reduce your plastic usage and opt for sustainable alternatives. For instance, carry a reusable bag while shopping ditch single-use plastic water bottles and straws.

Likewise, you can also avoid products wrapped in plastic at shops, cut on online shopping and likes ones.

2. Grow your produce

Producing your own fruits and vegetables at home is also one of the sustainable lifestyle choices that you can make today. You can grow your own produce in a garden or terrace, or balcony to ensure zero usage of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Not necessarily you must have yards of land; you can grow your vegetables, edible herbs and fruits easily on window boxes, corridors, etc. Besides saving the environment, it will also give you immense pleasure to get fresh vegetables from your own kitchen garden.

3. Reduce your waste

Another big step to adopting a sustainable lifestyle would be cutting down the waste. Be it plastic or food waste, throwing away means wasting materials, resources, time and money.

However, you can make conscious decisions of using reusable containers, rechargeable batteries, wooden or metal cutlery, etc., to be more environment-friendly.

Similarly, try to not keep the tap open for a longer time, do not throw away the water from a bottle, instead of water the plant with it, go for rainwater harvesting, switch off the light and fans when not needed are some of the tips you can follow.

4. Switch to renewable energy

Instead of using fuel power, try to adopt sustainable alternatives such as wind, solar, CNG. For example, you can easily transform your home into a solar-powered one in just a few steps. Likewise, most car companies now launch new models with CNG variants to encourage people to choose them over fossil fuels.

If you live in coastal areas, you can also leverage wind energy. You can either go off-grid or combine with other renewable energies to get adequate power output.

Tell us one of the sustainable lifestyle choices you made recently in the comment section below!

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