Tech activities your kids can learn and enjoy

Tech activities your kids can learn and enjoy

With technology developing so rapidly and featuring in our everyday lives, most children inherently pick up key computer skills and become adept at easily navigating online spaces. But there’s more to technology than just social media and gaming. It’s important that children, though they may seem tech-savvy, learn the importance of digital citizenship, such as staying safe and being kind online, as well as appreciate how technology can benefit our lives as more than a means of entertainment.

Other than the basic knowledge of using technology, there are many tech activities that kids can learn from a young age and ace at. Kids are now learning coding, robotics, digital art and more and are building their own apps, games and websites.

STEM learning has become one of the most talked about topics in the education system. STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics. But it’s more than that.

STEM has evolved to stand for a unique approach to education and learning, that is based on the different interests of students. STEM education focuses on technology and combines courses in ways that connect disciplines and relate them to one another, in contrast to traditional educational experiences where subject areas are focused on independently.

There are many tech activities that kids can learn and enjoy, including:

  1. Coding: When we talk about tech activities, coding is one of the very first things that comes to mind. But coding seems to be very complicated and you might wonder if your kids can learn and be good at it. Well, the answer to that question is, yes kids can learn to code using a variety of programming languages and tools, such as Scratch, Python, and HTML/CSS. Coding can help kids develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as creativity.
  2. Robotics: It might surprise you, but your children can now learn about robotics at a very young age by building and programming their own robots using kits or online resources. Robotics can help kids learn about engineering, technology, and programming, and can be a lot of fun.
  3. Digital art: As a parent, you always encourage your kids to learn something new and creative. Your children can ace at digital art by creating their own drawings, paintings, and other art projects using software like Photoshop, Procreate, or GIMP. Digital art can be a great way for kids to express their creativity and learn about technology.
  4. Game design: Young children can acquire the knowledge of game design by creating their own games using tools like GameMaker or Unity. Game design can be a great way for kids to learn about programming and design principles, and can be a lot of fun.
  5. Music production: Kids can learn about music production by creating their own music using digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Logic Pro or Ableton Live. Music production can be a great way for kids to learn about technology and music, and can be very rewarding.

Encouraging kids to explore and learn about technology can help them develop important skills and interests that can serve them well in the future. STEM education helps every child develop fantastic problem-solving skills. Your child can also become a tech genius in the future with the advanced knowledge of STEM education.

At Reloy, we help organize STEM workshops for kids to give both the parents and the kids a glimpse of what all young geniuses can do with the right guidance

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