7 travel essentials for your next vacation

As India slowly enters into the endemic phase and things go back to normal, travelling is going to feature on many to-do lists. But while scenic locations and picturesque are goals, a good vacation needs a lot more than that (like travel essentials). 

We know that the excitement of travelling could lead you to miss out on a few important things. Which is why, we have compiled the check-list for you. Just make sure you run your eye on it, before leaving for your trip!  

1. Medicines

Everybody hopes they will not have to use them on trip, but you never know. Whether it’s motion sickness, light fever, headache, or gastro problems, having over-the-counter medicines can give you relief if need be. You would also need an emergency first-aid kid with antiseptic cream, lotion, pain relief balm, gauge, and band-aids.   

So, make sure that you pack your medical travel essentials to have a hassle-free trip.  

2. Neck Pillow

Travel essentials

Shoulder and neck pain can hamper your travel experience, especially if you need posture correction. Getting a neck pillow can help you keep your posture corrected and shoulder pain out of the way.  

If you are going to take frequent and long flights during your vacation, then the neck pillow is one of the travel essentials you should not miss.  

3. Hygiene Kit

Travel essentials

Post-covid vacations are going to be a lot different than before. Which means you need to have a hygiene kit with disposable masks, sanitizers, tissue wipes, on the go. This will save you a lot of hassle before meals, whether you get them on-the-go or dine-in.  

Make sure you carry a few spares of all the hygiene supplies, because you never know when you will need more.  

4. Travel Wallet

Travel essentials

Your regular wallet definitely needs an update every time you go on a vacation. While on the road, you need a lot of documents, cards, tests, and cash handy. Sadly, it is unlikely that you will be able to fit it in your everyday wallet.  

Carrying a travel wallet or satchel along with you will make everything a lot easier. It can carry a lot of essentials together and you will not have to reach out inside your bag or suitcase every hour.  

It’s a travel essential you definitely do not want to miss.  

5. Emergency Kit

Travel essentials

If you are going camping or adventure travelling, then packing an emergency kit is very important. What should it have? 

Make sure that it has emergency cash, a camping knife, camping ropes, torch, portable chargers, and other travel essentials for camping. It might come in handy if you have to camp unplanned during the trek.  

6. Skincare Essentials

Travel essentials

A lot of the times, our skincare goes out of the window every time we go on a vacation. So, to avoid that in the first place, especially if you are going on a trek, is to carry a skincare kit.  

This kit can have lip balms, moisturizers, sunscreen, and facewash to help you clean yourself on the go when necessary.  

7. Dry food packets

Travel essentials

Hunger pangs can be the worst thing to deal with when you are already exhausted from all the travelling. To make sure you are ready for it, pack some dry food packets. Keep non-perishable and nutrition-dense foods like nuts, seeds, fruits, and chocolates.  

These are the 7 travel essentials that you need to pack the next time you are on your way on a trip. Think we missed something? Drop it in the comments below.

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