Dancing with the Warriors: Viral Positivity Videos by Frontline Workers

The pandemic hit us hard, and doctors, nurses, and frontline workers became the warriors who swore to protect us by risking their lives. But they did not just stop at curing and taking care of us. Some of them even shared viral positivity videos that inspired us, cheered us, and made us laugh in these harsh times.   

Club Benefique’s Welcome Optimism celebrates their undying spirit in the face of all adversity and their efforts to bring a smile to our faces as they do their bit to get all of us back to health!   

1. Dr. Richa Negi’s Dance Deewane Special

Things took an unexpected turn when the disinfectant team was called on stage on the sets of Dance Dewaane in the presence of celebrity judges like Madhuri Dixit and dancer Dharmesh.   

However, it wasn’t because of any grim situation. Instead, Dr. Negi donned her PPE kit and delivered a solid dance performance on stage to raise awareness and hopes of the millions, turning it into one of the best viral positivity videos ever.   

Watch what happened here:

2. Dr. Mamta Kodwani’s rendition of Shape of You

Inspired by one of the viral positivity videos shared, Dr. Mamta Kodwani decided to make her own dance rendition of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran and asked everyone to share it with crazy health care workers who refused to lose hope.   

You can watch the young doctor shake a leg here: 

3. Doctor’s Encourage patients to dance along at Magadh Medical College

To inspire patients in the COVID ward, doctors from the Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College decided to play some music and encourage them to dance along. It soon became one of the most-watched viral positivity videos and even featured on local news.   

Watch the frontline warriors in action here:

4. Dr Arup Senapati dances to Ghungroo 

Hailed as the Dancing Doctor, Dr. Arup Senapati is studying postgraduate ENT in Assam. When given his COVID duty, the doctor decided to use his talent and share a little positivity with his patients through one of the most exhilarating viral positivity videos you can watch.

His video soon got enough shares to land him an interview on NDTV.   

5. Frontline warriors try to make their patients’ day at Parul Sevashram Hospital

Doctors and nurses in Parul Sevashram Hospital wanted to make sure that senior citizens and other patients in their COVID ward did not face the mental challenges of the disease. So, to lighten up the mood and make them smile, they went all out with music, dancing, and balloons.   

Watch one of the most viral positivity videos of the pandemic here:

6. Patient and doctor dance together after recovery at Bengaluru’s St. John’s Hospital

If you are feeling the gloom of the pandemic, we promise this one will make your day. Kumara, an ambulance driver from Bengaluru, decided to shake a leg with his doctor after recovering from COVID-19.   

Their moves set the floor on fire and created one of the best viral positivity videos ever. Watch here:

7. Doctors and healthcare workers give it a go with patients at a Goregaon COVID ward

Nesco COVID center, located in Mumbai’s Goregaon, arranged an entertainment program for the patients where doctors and other healthcare professionals decided to dance their hearts out to ease their patients and themselves.   

Watch the viral positivity video here:

We hope you, too, learn from these frontline workers and their viral positivity videos. They are fighting the war head-on and still take their time out to welcome optimism!

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