Welcome Optimism: How WFH is helping millennial moms balance work and family?

Ways of working have certainly changed over the past year, and we have adopted new methods of connecting and working together. These changes have made a significant impact on the lives of many. 

Take work from home, for example.  

It has completely changed the landscape of corporate work culture in India and increased job accessibility. Today, we will delve deep into how the new normal has wholly shifted the imbalance of responsibilities and empowered educated millennial moms to carve their way in their career.   

Here’s welcoming optimism and highlighting the good things work from home has ushered in the lives of millennial moms:

1. Builds way for more participation

In 2019, a World Bank study had found only 21% of India’s female population are working in the labor force. This low number was because of the several social challenges women have faced.   

However, with the new regular work from home regulations, women’s participation in the labor force is likely to increase. Not only will it allow mothers to balance between social and professional duties throughout the country, but also opens a lot of job opportunities for them in other cities while working from home.   

2. Work from home divides domestic chores

It isn’t like only millennial mothers or women are working from home. Most corporate employees are. This is why today’s mothers have a chance to divide the responsibilities of domestic chores with their partners.   

Also, in the last year, many men have become more adept with household tasks and helped to create a more balanced approach to raising a family.   

3. Allowing work-time flexibility

Today’s work from home allows all employees to compartmentalize their work throughout the day. This system notably enables millennial moms to balance their time in looking after children, as well as their professional careers. This great challenge that women face in everyday life, to find the perfect balance between ambition and motherly duties is solved by work from home job roles.    

This gives women the choice and independence to work around their timings in a way that best suits them.   

4. Allows more me-time

This point might be accurate for all working professionals, but it is beneficial for millennial moms. Back in the previous days of working from offices, balancing work and kids meant there was almost no time for the self. However, now, there is a little leeway to find time and read that book you were contemplating.   

Using self-time to make yourself happy and constructive is very important to your mental health.   

5. Encouraging hobbies

Going to work had its advantages, whether it was spending more time with your colleagues or meeting deadlines. In this aspect, things at home can be slightly less motivating in the long run.   

But today’s millennial moms are redefining motivation by picking up new hobbies and skills to focus on their professional goals. Earlier many mothers had to sacrifice skill improvement or a higher degree because they found it very difficult to balance work and family. 

But when we see the new normal in this regard, working from home is a boon for them.  These millennial mothers can now sign up for new courses, languages, skills, and hobbies while keeping their families happy!   

The current normal has brought a new meaning into the lives of working moms. We are sure you have similar stories around you as well.   

Let us know in the comments section if you see a mom who is redefining boundaries while working from home! 

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