5 Women Leaders Who Shaped History

Be it leading a nation or protesting against injustice, women leaders have taken the world by storm with their iron will, determination and conviction since time immemorial. No matter how difficult the circumstances are, they know the mantra to make progress and win a battle.

This International Women’s Day, let’s remember and celebrate the great women leaders who shaped history!

1. Cleopatra VII (Leader of Egypt)

Cleopatra VII (Leader of Egypt)

Popularly known as Cleopatra is perhaps of the most powerful woman rulers not only of ancient Egypt but also the world! Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Egypt (51 B.C to 30 B.C).

History remembered her mainly for her love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, the Roman military leaders. However, she was much more than just a love interest of two influential men in power. It was during her reign Egypt became one of the most powerful nations in the world. She successfully made several political alliances and took Egypt to a new height.

Her great personality, intellect, and political acumen made her one of the best women leaders in history.

2. Queen Victoria (Leader of England)

Queen Victoria (Leader of England)

At the age of 18, Queen Victoria started her reign in England. She was the first longest-ruling monarch in British history. The period of her reign is also known as the Victorian era. It was an age of culture, art, industrial, military, political change.

She headed one of the largest empires in the world. It includes England as well as several British colonies across the globe. She had a prominent influence on foreign affairs and thrived on maintaining peace.

3. Rosa Parks (Leader in the United States)

Rosa Parks (Leader in the United States)

This African-American civil rights activist came to the limelight in 1955 when she refused to leave her bus seat for a white passenger. Although she was arrested then for civil disobedience, it led to the Montgomery bus boycott.

She is named the first lady of civil rights. Her actions gave momentum to the civil rights movement against racial discrimination that subjugated especially the country’s black population.

4. Aung San Suu Kyi (State Counsellor of Myanmar)

Aung San Suu Kyi (State Counsellor of Myanmar)

She is a human rights activist of Myanmar who protested against the ruthless army generals deployed in Myanmar for decades. Aung San Suu Kyi received Noble Peace Prize for voicing for the powerless. She gave up her freedom to free her country from military power and spent about 15 years in detention.

The world regards her due to her peaceful resistance against oppression.

5. Indira Gandhi (Leader of India)

Indira Gandhi (Leader of India)

She was India’s first woman prime minister (1966 to 1984). Indira Gandhi is known for her excellent political acumen.

Starting from going on the war with Pakistan to pushing India to the nuclear age, she showed utmost resilience. She ensured food security in India by helping the country to overcome food shortages by importing grains from other countries.

Although her political career was full of controversies, she was undoubtedly one of India’s most influential women personalities.

Who do you think are the most influential women leaders of today across the world? Let us know in the comments below!

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