Wooden floor or marble flooring? Which one is better for you?

The interior design of a home can be significantly altered by flooring alone. If you are not well focused on the benefits of investing in a specific sort of flooring among a variety, floor upkeep can become a haunting and intimidating activity. The key components of modern décor are wonderful style, a terrific aura, and a lovely ambience.

We all have a favourite since marble, and wooden floors each have advantages and disadvantages. While the marble floor looks beautiful and is easy to maintain, it is also expensive. And wood floor can be difficult to maintain, but it is great for giving a home a luxurious appearance and feel.

Here is a list of comparisons between marble and wood floors to help you decide which would suit your home the best.


· Marble flooring

Marble flooring exudes elegance and grandeur. Because the soft white-to-grey colours are incredibly versatile and simple to combine with any motif you choose for your home’s interior. You can find very distinct and irregular lines and patterns in marble.

Only a few colours like grey, reddish-brown, and white are offered in floor marbles, but when they are flawlessly polished, they sparkle like nothing else and give your home’s interior the perfect finishing touch.

· Wood flooring

Wood flooring is the best option to create a warm and soothing ambience. Long, vertical lines enlarge spaces, especially when lighter colours are present.

Unlike marble, wooden flooring is available in various colours and styles. You can also choose a darker shade of wood, like walnut, to make a room feel cosier and smaller.


· Marble flooring

Flooring made of marble has a gorgeous gloss and a fiery design. The flooring type exhibits natural beauty, and its finish blends nicely with a particular decor, whether it is polished, honed, or abrasive. Each style of marble floor has a refined vibe and an imperial gesture that gives it an even appearance.

· Wood flooring

Wooden, a type of hardwood, has a unique beauty and has been popular for a while. Wooden flooring, considered luxurious and fashionable, is available in various patterns that elicit a soft warmth and a sense of sophistication.

Cost & Maintenance

· Marble flooring

It is not unexpected that marble flooring is more expensive than wood because it requires more labour but is remarkably easy to maintain. Marble flooring requires less upkeep and is resistant to fungi and bacteria. As a result, surface scratches will gradually disappear and are incredibly simple to clean.

· Wood flooring

Compared to marble, wood flooring is substantially less expensive. But because it is softer, it will deteriorate more quickly with time, especially after a few decades. Some people don’t mind scratches because they think they give the floor character.

Flooring Installation

· Marble floor

Before laying marble tiles, use sand to level the ground and cut the pieces to size proportional to the room space.

· Wood floor

Before the wood is installed over the tiled surface, an insulating surface made primarily of foam is added to provide protection and sound absorption.

Every piece of the décor, whether it be the flooring, furniture, ceiling, or tiles, should have a rhythm that matches the mood and imparts only calm and sophistication. When it comes to the overall appearance of a defining location, the scenery you select demands voguish flooring. So, choose wisely!


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