4 Musicals you can watch to celebrate World Music Day (21st June)

Music is one of the art forms that has been used as mind therapy for ages! Such is the power of good music! No, you do not have to be an ace singer to understand and celebrate music. We all enjoy and appreciate beautiful tunes!

No wonder 21st June is celebrated as World Music Day across the globe. The motto of this celebration is to promote this art form among people from every layer of society. Now, if you want to celebrate this day a bit differently, you can tune in to a music movie.

Following are the best music movies of all time that get you singing along!

1. Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

If you want to peep into the backstage of the famous British band Queen in their early days and get to know their talented band leader, Freddie Mercury, this movie is for you!

While watching the gem of a music movie, you will get a clear view of the meteoric rise of Mercury and the price he paid for his success. You can see the journey of Farrokh transforming into Freddie Mercury, the guiding spirit of the band. Besides, the hit, power-packed rock music performed by Mercury, played by Rami Malek, will get you grooved!

2. La La Land (2016)

The Oscar-winning ‘modern musical’ film La La Land tells an inspiring story of music and passion based on the theme of love. The lead actor, Emma Stone, plays the role of an aspiring actress and Ryan Gosling, a traditionalist jazz musician.

What makes it one of the finest music movies of all time is its realism. While portraying love and ambition, this film is realistic. It shows the harsh realities of life and the consequences of the decisions made by the characters. It allows you to empathise, and the beautiful songs uplift your mood in a jiffy!

The songs sung by the lead characters are also a bonus for the audience!

3. The Disciple (2020)

This award-winning music movie is a sheer work of art! The protagonist of this film is Sharad, a sincere student of Indian classical music. This film documents the sacrificial journey of Sharad. The classical touch makes this movie even more soulful and fulfilling!

Sharad stays with his Guruji to learn the music. His father was a failed singer, making him more determined and working harder to establish himself as a successful singer. While enjoying some finest music, you will witness how far his devotion and obsession take him!

4. Coco (2017)

A Disney movie with the theme of music is the best thing that can happen to a music lover! This animated fiesta celebrates the music most effortlessly! Coco proves that music does not know cultural and linguistic barriers.

Besides tapping your feet to Mexican tunes, your heart will melt to see how a 12-year old boy Miguel resolves an old familial rift. This film celebrates universal feelings of belongingness through the expression of music and songs!

What are your favourite music movies of all time? Comment below

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