5 Basics of Clicking Good Photos (World Photography Day)

No matter if you are taking pictures on a smartphone or DSLR, getting the best snaps is tricky and requires a certain level of expertise!

However, you need not be a pro photographer for the same. Some little tricks and tips will help you take better pictures in any setting. Before this World Photography Day on 19th August, let us share some basics of good photos that you can try next time you are clicking pictures!

1. Set the focus right

Set the focus right

If you are taking pictures on your smartphone, getting the focus right is easier most times. Smartphone cameras usually have auto-focus. However, in some cases, it may fail to detect the subject and focus right. Thus, before clicking a picture, make sure your focus is where you want it to be.

The problem mainly arises while taking pictures of something in motion. Your camera fails to refocus the subject. In such cases, correct the focus first so that your subject stays in focus as much as possible!

2. Frame the subject

Frame the subject

Framing a picture helps add dimension and context to it. It allows the people to understand what is going on in the picture. For a well-defined picture, you can look for ways to implement a frame within a frame concept!

For instance, you can leverage a window or doorway in a picture for this effect. It gives depth to your pictures and adds an element of interest!

3. Avoid using the camera flash

Avoid using the camera flash

Now that most smartphones come with an in-built pop-up flash, people use them as much as possible for low-light background pictures. However, one of the basics of good photos is that the subject must have some natural shadows, which these camera flashes omit completely.

Since the angle of the camera and flashlight are the same, it makes your pictures look flat. However, if you have to use a flash, we suggest you opt for an external flash. It will help look your pictures as natural as possible!

4. Keep the background plain

Keep the background plain

You are photographing a subject, right? So, do not let the background take over! Most professional photographers suggest using a simple and plain background so that people get to see the actual subject you want to focus on.

Especially, when taking a picture of a figure, look for backgrounds that do not have distracting backgrounds. Otherwise, you will end up taking pictures of your friend with poles popping out of his head!

5. Watch the light

Watch the light

While talking about the basics of good photos, we cannot stress enough the importance of having the right lighting. It can break or make your perfect picture! For instance, bright light from the side of an aged face enhances wrinkles! Instead, look for a softer light that does not make the wrinkles so obvious!

If you are taking pictures of landscapes, try to get them in the early morning or late in the day. They will look so much better!

What do you think are the basics of good photos? Comment below!

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