Top 5 YouTube Channels for Personal Growth

Since the last year, working remotely has become a norm rather than just preventing an infection. Work from home meant a lot of extra time with families or themselves for most people. In such idle times, it is easy to get swayed away into idle things. However, if you are more into self-development, you could check out YouTube channels for personal growth.  

These channels might give you motivation, teach you new things, or help you stay aware of the world around you. Whatever the case may be, there are some productive takeaways from YouTubers.   

1. Honestly by Tanmay Bhat

Famous internet comedian Tanmay Bhat started this infotainment channel to help his fanbase learn things that are not taught in school. Filled with practical and relevant knowledge on everything from stocks and cryptocurrency to writing and science, it has a thing or two for everyone to learn.   

He brings in experts from various fields and makes them answer and explain the fundamental questions regarding each subject.   

You could watch it to pick up new things or just for the sake of being more informed about things! There is no doubt that it is one of the best YouTube channels for personal growth.   

2. BeerBiceps

If you like listening to experiences from the various walks of life from people who have lived it, then The Ranveer Show on BeerBiceps is the podcast for you. Considered by many fans as one of the most inspiring YouTube channels for personal growth, the show interviews special forces operatives, army generals, scientists, historians, and monks, to name a few.   

The organic hour and above conversations are immersive and take you through intense experiences retold first-hand.   

Today, very few good things about the internet come forth, but this podcast is one of them.   

3. Soch by Mohak Mangal

Today’s mainstream news programs have turned more towards reality TV than objective reporting. So, if you want to find out an in-depth analysis of the latest news happenings and social issues, this channel is definitely for you.   

For people who like to be aware of the world around them and form opinions based on facts and research, Soch by Mohawk Mangal will be a refreshing find.   

It is one of the most informative YouTube channels for personal growth.  

4. Marcos Praveen Teotia

Although it is a Hindi channel, it is one of the most effective YouTube channels for personal growth. Run my ex-Marine Commandos, Indian Navy Praveen Teotia, the channel offers essential information on general fitness and functional training.    

If you like to stay fit and agile instead of building bulging muscles, you can learn things that will help you stay that way. Mr Teotia was also part of the infamous Operation Black Tornado in Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, during the 26/11 attacks.   

5. Ankur Warikoo

Personal finance, careers, and startups are things that every young professional should know about. Entrepreneur and startup mentor Ankur Warikoo is the only channel you need to stay updated on all the information under those three topics.   

Considered one of the most productive YouTube channels for personal growth, it delivers actionable tips that help you grow as a person.   

These are our top five YouTube channels for personal growth. If you have suggestions, do not forget to drop them in the comments section below!

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